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From 2009 to 2013 I created a series of textile maps in collaboration with Stamen Design and The result was a well-received, wildly successful business that was never profitable. I don't regret it for a moment and I place it here on my website to honor my courage, persistence, and follow through, three incredible values I learned from my experience.

I have many lessons to share with anyone who wants to turn a creative idea into a business. From PR, production, and product photography to writing a business plan, sales pitching, posting, and branding.


My god, just writing all that reminds me of how hard it is to make something real that people want to give you money for. And the hardest part is you still have to make the thing! 


But, you can do it! It's just harder than you realize and guess what, you really need help. I had a hard time asking for help AND receiving help. No wonder I had such a hard time! 

We can work together on specific needs, brainstorm on your bigger picture, or just soundboard ideas. I'd love to help you fall in love your your idea again.

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