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Business Administration

From HR to PR

You make something or sell something. You don't have time to write a craigslist ad and set up interviews. Or find a better price on a supplier that's eating away at your profit. Or book travel for upcoming meetings. You sure as shit don't have time to be proactive with PR or business development. I totally understand. AND I can totally help! 

Event Management

From 5 to 150 Attendees

From personal parties to offsite meetings to small conferences, I have experience in creating unique events within budget. I can manage the whole event or pinch hit as on-site supervisor or do your pre-event research. I have worked on events in San Francisco, New York, LA, Las Vegas, Vail, Austin, Maui, and Berlin. Don't stress over this year's holiday party, I'll run it for you so that even YOU can get drunk this year. 

Creative Design

From Execution to Project Management

Need a new logo? Want an online portfolio? Need a menu designed? Or a new website? Or maybe you have a freelancer, but don't have time to lead the creative direction? I'd love to help.


I can also project manage an existing campaign. As an intuitive outsider, I can assess the bottleneck and work with your team to deliver creative work for the next stage. I would also happily review applicants and portfolios of potential designers should you need to hire someone full-time.

13-Week Deep Work Session

KPI your way to The Good Life

KPIs are what the kids use to measure performance these days. I started applying this concept to my personal/internal/happiness goals and LOVE the results. I find that if I want to dig my way out of a bad habit, I can go cold turkey and invoke willpower, or I can set up a 13-week plan to make progress. I can't tell you how much easier the latter is. You'll have a bit of reading and homework then together we'll create your lifesize worksheet to GET SHIT DONE.


Adding Umph!

Need to mix things up a bit? Modernize/Update/Freshen your brand? Something just not quite right when you look around your house? Not sure which swimsuit to buy this year? A project at work is just missing a little something? Let's jujj it up! I'm not always great about doing this for myself, but I love helping others find their umph!

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From Branding to Speaking Engagements

What is it that makes you or your product special? Your story. I can help with clever quips, narrative flow, taglines, presentations, and elevator speeches. I will happily help you answer the question, "How can I make this better?" so that your message rings true to you.

First Step Guidance

When Your Idea Gets Real

You have an idea rolling around in your head. It's a good one. You want to pursue it, but you can't fit it into your schedule. I can help! I will happily prioritize and figure out your first steps. Together, we'll make a plan of action that will get you moving to the next stage. From writing a business plan, to researching suppliers, to finding an agent or making connections, I can do the little things so you can focus on the big thing...making your idea come true!

Personal Shit

Let's Talk About Your Meant-To-Do List

Got personal projects that are killing your soul? They've been on your to-do list for so long you're eyes can't roll back any further in your head when you think about them? Let's get that shit done. It's easier than you think. You just need someone to manage it for you. From organizing labor for a big clean up to making travel arrangements to getting bids on a new paint job, I can totally help!

Rebranding YOU

Update your personal brand

Do I have a personal brand? Yes, you do. We project ourselves into the world with a look and attitude, that's branding! I can help you get unstuck from the past you, modernize your skill set, help you navigate the map of current self to better self. Not in a coachy way, although I do have opinions, think of me more as a facilitator. You already know who you are, you just need help expressing YOU to the world. Personal websites, resume revamps, fellowship applications, lifestyle changes, happy parenting, and more!

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